Video Production

From showcasing products and services to boosting brand awareness, promoting events, and narrating corporate journeys, we seamlessly transition from real life experiences into the digital landscape. Our versatility extends to the world of film, spanning drama, science fiction/fantasy, documentaries, and adventurous narratives through to capturing the essence of a music video.

Post Production

Video or audio packages that bring your vision to life, we’ve got ya. Our editors and sound engineers have delivered a comprehensive range of content. In-house, we have VO and ADR services, music production, the full pipeline in editorial, from dailies to delivery, and a colour grading suite to showcase the vibrancy of your project.

Craft Fabrication

Let imagination take shape. Our expertise in costume design creates exquisite results and meticulous builds. Our make-up, hair, and make-up effects artists craft creatures with jaw-dropping designs. In-house artists in set decoration and miniature builds are experts with 3D printing and designs on all scales. Elevate your production with our skilled artisans, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

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